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Heidelberg Nigeria Limited Your First Choice for Printing Equipment

The Printing and Graphics Industry is one of the unsung heroes amongst its counterparts in the industrial and commercial sector of Nigeria’s Economy. It has never been investors toast because of the ignorance of the investing public, financial and investment funding institutions. After the Oil and Gas, the Telecommunications and ICT sectors’, printing is the next in line of the most lucrative sector for investment and with ability to offer the investor fast and good returns on investment.

Heidelberg Nigeria Limited is a key player and a major stakeholder in the Printing and Graphics Industry in Nigeria.

Setting up State of the Arts Presses falls within our areas of expertise and core competence. We are fully convinced that any investor venturing into this line of business has no cause to worry because they have a big and reliable name behind them.

By way of introduction, Heidelberg Nigeria Limited is the official representative of Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG of Germany. We are the largest manufacturer and supplier to the Printing and Graphics Industry today, and over the years we have created some enviable track records as the best and most experienced manufacturer of printing equipment in the world.

We began our operations in Nigeria in November 1998 as a subsidiary of this well-known and respected Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG. Prior to that, Heidelberg has been represented in Nigeria since the 1950’s, through an agent, as such ensuring professional advice, Service & Spare Parts for the entire Printing and Graphics Industry for over one and half century.

As at today, we are the Most Dependable organization in Nigeria, and even in the West African Sub Region. We are the only organization that can provide a TOTAL SOLUTION PACKAGE in terms of Equipment, Back-up & Consumables to the Printing and Graphic Industry in Nigeria. From Nigeria, Heidelberg Nigeria Ltd. also covers & services markets such as Benin, Togo, Liberia and Sierra Leone.

Despite our strong position and long commitment to Nigeria, we have remained extremely competitive in all our offerings.

Heidelberg Nig. Ltd. being a Solution provider for the Printing and Graphics Industry can help set up a model Printing Press for any organization irrespective of size, that will cover the various stages of printing operations as explained below:


We manufacture and supply the best Prepress Systems in the world today.

Our range of Prepress products includes the latest Suprasetter technology of Computer to Plate (CtP) Systems. The system comes in various sizes ranging from the smaller A3 format to the large A0 format. We cover the various needs of the Printing and Graphics Industry with regards to automation and capacity. A model press without our unique products such as Suprasetters CtP, Meta–Dimension software & Signastation computerization is considered far from being complete.

Press / Printing:

In Nigeria today, we have the largest market share of printing machines population and we can say with all possible modesty that over 85 % of the printing presses population was established by Heidelberg Nig. Ltd. and most still maintained by Heidelberg Nig. Ltd. Many of the presses sold over 25 years ago are still running commercial jobs today. The list of our clientele covers the various level of Government and its Agencies, Financial Institutions, Religious Bodies, Educational Institutions, Private Individuals, Corporate and Non-Governmental Organizations.

We have various sizes of printing presses ranging from A3 formats presses which can handle jobs like Complementary Cards, Letterheads, Handbills, Receipts, Flyers, Invoices, Brochures etc. to the large format A0 presses for printing Calendars, Annual Reports, Government Gazettes, Books, Posters to mention just a few possibilities.

The level of capacity application and automation varies so does the capital investment required for their acquisition. So in the area of printing press technology, Heidelberg covers the entire spectrum of what any printing establishment will need to function efficiently and profitably too. Our products like the SX52 and SX74 are essential instruments for Government jobs, while our Speedmaster range of 52, XL75, SX102 and CD102, XL 106, XL 145/162 are positioned to cater for commercial and packaging enterprises.

For customers whose needs are Short run and Variable Printing, our Versafire digital Presses are there to satisfy their peculiar needs.


Heidelberg has equally become the preferred and best Postpress equipment supplier in the world. We are the only company who can offer the Printing and Graphics industry a complete solution from Prepress to Postpress. One of our big advantages is that we can offer complete networking workflow and the best integration of all equipment that is second to none in the Printing and Graphic Industry. We have equipment for Folding, Cutting, Trimming, Stitching, Binding, Die-cutting, Box Gluing etc.

Our Postpress machines cover various areas of printing technology such as Commercial Printing, Publishing & Packaging Printing. With products like Polar high speed Paper Cutter, Stahl Folding Machine, Easymatrix, Die-Cutter, Dianaeasy and Folder Gluers, we are all poised to make your Printing Organization the best printing outfit equal to any other seen elsewhere in the world.

Guide for New Investors

For new investors one of the greatest challenges is to know how to enter the industry, the penetration strategy depends on the scope that one wants to operate and the investable fund available to the entrepreneur. As guide to Investors, we have the most competent professionals with wealth of experiences to advice our customers and new investors on how to progress with the investment of their choice.

Installation and Training:

We operate with a combination of expatriates and indigenous German trained personnel to support our various range of equipment from Prepress to Postpress. We install your equipment and we fully train your personnel on how to operate any piece of equipment that we put down on your shop floor.

If staff leaves an operation, we are often called in to retrain new operators. This is an added advantage enjoyed by our customers for them choosing to deal with a strong service and support organization established in Nigeria for Nigerians.

Spares parts and Customer support:

From our office in Ilupeju, Lagos, we carry large inventory of genuine spare parts for all our range of products. For highly fragile parts with short shelf live, we maintain a strong liaison with all the reputable courier service companies in Nigeria to help us bring these parts from our German- based Logistic Centre in the shortest possible time.

Although we are based in Lagos, we have in place excellent logistics to service all our customers nationwide. Our strong and satisfied customers are located all over the Federation.

Furthermore, we maintain such Spare Parts policy that reduces the down time of any of our customers’ equipment to barest minimum.

Besides Spare Parts, we have highly skilled and well- trained local and German Engineers to offer our customers the necessary supports and backup whenever the need arises.

To be pertinent, 60% of our entire workforce is dedicated to customer support.


Nigeria has become a dumping ground for all forms of substandard products, many of which are harmful for both printing equipment and human resource elements in printing companies.

Heidelberg remains committed in supplying first class products to Nigerians, since we cannot compromise the health of our equipment and the personnel that operate them. We ONLY supply International Recommended and high quality Printing Consumables such as Plates, various Prepress & Press Chemistry, high quality Inks, Stitching Wire, Glues, Powder, Pastes etc.

These Consumables are supplied to our customers at moderate & competitive prices which give them the value-for-money and also safe guards the life span of all Printing Equipment.

Preventive Maintenance Agreement:

We offer this scheme to our customers at the expiration of the warranty period on the machines they bought from Heidelberg.

What this scheme entails is that we enter into an agreement with the customer on how often we can carry out total health checks on the equipment supplied to them.

The visits can be on quarterly and on half yearly basis. Through this process, we are able to detect and fix any problems before they ever occur. The scheme makes running a printing press much more fun and reduces incidents of accidents, damages and down time during production.

We are perfectly geared to guide you professionally in the choice of appropriate and suitable equipment for your operations in concert with your unique requirements and work-flow. We will therefore like to be part of your success story by you giving us an opportunity to serve as Suppliers and Technical partner to your ORGANISATION for your press project.

We are very interested in working with an organization that has much concern about excellence and high degree of integrity. We would be very proud to be associated with the progress of your esteemed ORGANISATION and we believe that you will give us an opportunity to showcase the benefits our organization has in stock for you.

A decision for Heidelberg is a decision for:

• Nigerian Values

• German Technology

• Mutual Qualities

• Professional Installation

• Training

Peace of Mind



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